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Here to answer all your frequently asked questions!

  • What are our adoption fees?
    Basset Hounds $1,000 Pembroke Corgis $1,000 Gender does not effect adoption fee.
  • Where can we be found?
    Contact us for directions to our farm.
  • What is their temperment?
    We have carefully developed our bloodlines over the years through quality practices, and we are very proud of the bloodlines we have today. The bloodlines we have today are not only selected for correct dispostion, but they are selected to be loving pets.
  • What are our delivery options?
    The first option would be to pick up your puppy from the farm. Ground delivery is offered for certain areas of the United States, which will have an added fee of $250. Flying a puppy is another option as well. This option can be pricy, as it generally costs $400.
  • What is our health guarantee?
    Our health guarantee can be found here.
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